Image: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Installation with Michael Petrani from Diversity Rigging . 2014

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To complement the consulting design side of the business, Rigoni Hall can provide a full turnkey installation solution.

Rigoni Hall provides a range of audio visual technology based solutions, specialised products and services designed to deliver quality and reliability. Higher levels of workplace productivity, customer satisfaction and protection from inherent risk of technological change are a particular focus. Using the most appropriate and cost effective products for purpose, rather than using technology for the sake of using technology is a must.

We service all areas of audio, lighting, vision, staging and rigging, and with no direct financial association of affiliation with any product brand or manufacturer, we have the ultimate freedom to supply the right product for purpose. We do not select a product because it has a ‘high margin’.

Rigoni Hall use the highest specification industry equipment possible, and can deliver a complete package for a quality audio visual experience.

We provide a full service back up to any equipment they supply and install.

A maintenance program can extend the longevity of the products quite significantly, and help to prevent breakdowns at the most critical time.


Image: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Installation with Michael Petrani from Diversity Rigging . 2014


Every colour as long as it’s green: projectiondesign® supports MCEC’s unique environmental rating

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre uses F35 and F85 projectors as key components in sustainable AV refresh

Fredrikstad, Norway, 26-27 February 2013 – One of Australia’s foremost event venues, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), has upgraded its audio-visual capability, while simultaneously enhancing its environmental credentials, by purchasing F35 and F85 projectors from Norway’s projectiondesign®.

The projectors were supplied by the manufacturer’s Australasian distribution partner Hills SVL and installed by local systems integration firm Rigoni Hall. Andrew Shearer, Brand Manager, AV at Hills SVL, comments:

“In the summer of 2012, both projectiondesign and ourselves worked closely with Rigoni Hall in putting together a compelling offer for MCEC’s projector refresh. Among the key elements of our proposal were the ruggedness and reliability of the projectors’ DLP® light-source technology, the ability of the projectors to operate 24/7 without any variation in performance, and their predictable cost of ownership.”

Mike Hall of Rigoni Hall confirms the strength of the supply chain throughout the tender, design, and installation phases. “This project was supported by projectiondesign’s fantastic, customer-centric service ethic and technical resources,” Hall enthuses, before continuing:

“Our company has 32 years’ experience in audiovisual and related industries, so we understand the importance of specifying leading-edge technology that is also robust and trustworthy. As well as powerful dynamic imagery and accurate colour representation, projectiondesign’s products represent a business philosophy that is all about professional integrity and high-quality service.

“Designed for 24/7 operation, with no filters and a variant of UHPTM lamp technology to increase longevity, the F35 and F85 projectors deliver outstanding reliability and performance, as well as a low total cost of ownership, to MCEC.”